On April 14, 2007, at 11:11 a.m., the American Legion lowered the American Flag for the final time. After 50 years, the Post sold its home which will be demolished and replaced by two houses. The Post Commander Michael Cahill vows to continue the Post.

Moving A Piece of Heights History

About 50 years ago, a member or two of James B. Scarr Post 106 climbed into a truck and drove to Fort Monmouth, NJ.

There they presented a request to the supply depot for a 57mm Anti-Tank Gun that was to be permanently displayed in front of the Post home. The Depot people selected one of the many stored there and proceeded to demilitarize it. They poured a bag of cement down the barrel, welded the elevating mechanism and removed the firing pin.

They also graciously waived the $75.00 fee for doing this and loaded it onto our truck.
When our members returned to Hasbrouck Heights, the Gun was placed on its prepared concrete pad. For the next 50 years, it guarded the Post home. Unfortunately, circumstances have forced the sale of that property and the fate of the Gun was questionable. However, when the Borough of Hasbrouck Heights heard that it might be available, they asked if they might have it.

The Post said “yes, but the Army still held title to it.”

After a few months of negotiating, (the letter file is almost 3/4” thick), the Army agreed to give possession to the Borough. The morning of Monday, April 30, 2007, a crew from the DPW, equipped with their large bucket loader and a bunch of chains, carefully picked up the 2,743 cannon and moved it to Veterans Park. It sits on a concrete slab, facing north towards Terrace Avenue.

Post 106 wishes to thank the Borough for taking the Gun, and the DPW for preparing the concrete pad in Veterans Park and so very carefully moving it. We would have hated to lose this familiar artifact.
Nb. For those who may think I should refer to this artifact as a cannon, I point out its official title is “57mm Anti-Tank Gun.” ###

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