Seniors’ Haunted Halloween Party

One activity that seniors enjoy is attending a party. In fact, it ranks up there with BINGO and a Trip to Atlantic City. All of these require no preparation on their part. They don’t have to prepare a menu, cook, bake or clean their houses; they don’t even have to worry about seating arrangements or who to invite.

This year when the word went out that Century 21 Eudan Realty was hosting their Fourth Annual Halloween Bash for seniors, the news spread like wild fire; in fact, seniors from Hasbrouck Heights, Wood-Ridge, Lodi and Garfield attended. Could it be that they heard about the great spread the host provided in the past or was it because they all love Halloween?
The staff at Century 21 Eudan Realty did an outstanding job of hosting this special event. The food was excellent and plentiful. It was catered by Henry’s Deli. There were generous selections of hot and cold items. The chicken breast stuffed with cheese and broccoli and the sausage were my favorites.

DJ Chris, who has been a regular at these parties, played music that got seniors to dance, mostly; line dancing. But best of all, it wasn’t loud, so the seniors were able to listen, yet carry on conversations without shouting.

This year there were not as many seniors in costume as there were in past years. However, there was a wide-range of costumes.

What’s not to love about Halloween? It’s a day where young and old enjoy celebrating. This year, a 2 ½ year old child dressed as Superman came to my door accompanied by his mother. When he saw me he called out “Trick or Treat?” I dropped a candy bar in his pumpkin and he turned to leave. His mother called out to him, “What do you say?” He turned back and said, “MORE!” Story by Peter Gallo Jr. ###

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