HHFD-EMS Captain’s Award Presentation

The Hasbrouck Heights Fire Department convened December 19, 2007 for its last Emergency Medical Services (EMS) monthly meeting for 2007.

During this meeting, EMS Captain Ron Botelho presented the “EMS Captain’s Award” with trophies to 9 members of the Hasbrouck Heights Police and Fire Departments for their dedication to duty for one particular emergency medical call that had a significant outcome to patient care.

In selecting that one EMS call, EMS Captain Botelho found it difficult to decide in light of the fact that over 1,300 emergency medical calls were responded to in the year 2007 by the HHFD-EMS.

The medical call selected for the EMS Captain’s Award occurred on June 5, 2007 just shortly after midnight.

HHFD-EMS ambulance was alerted to respond to Bell Avenue for an unresponsive resident.
Hasbrouck Heights Police were first to arrive to find a 64 year old male unconscious.
Moments later, Jennifer Bishop (a new EMT and new member of the HHFD-EMS) arrived and assessed the patient, Robert Siconolfi, confirming the police officer’s findings that the patient had no pulse (cardiac arrest) with agonal breathing (last breaths of life).
EMT Bishop, with the assistance of three Police Officers, initiated CPR and applied the Police equipped AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) to the patient (a procedure for patients who are clinically dead).

After several cycles of CPR and shock therapy provided by the AED, the patient’s pulse returned and the pulse remained constant during the pre-hospital care transport with the advanced care of the Hackensack University Medical Center (HUMC) paramedic team.
Upon the ambulance’s arrival at the HUMC Emergency Room, it was confirmed that the patient’s pulse still remained constant.

Needless to say, all those involved in this critical care were very happy for a positive outcome, a happy ending for Robert Siconolfi and his family.

Some time after our resident was released from the hospital, Mr. Siconolfi visited the HHFD asking how he could thank each and everyone involved in his care.
Captain Ron Botelho suggested he and his wife come to one of their EMS monthly meetings and thank those at one time.

To the Department’s delight, Mr. Siconolfi attended the December meeting and presented trophies to the following members who responded to the call: FF Joe Armeli, EMT Jennifer Bishop, FF/EMT Derek Hernandez, EMT Cathy Nigro, EMT John Riordan, FF Justin Watrel, Hasbrouck Heights Police Department Sgt. Kevin Corbliss, Officer James Ciccarelli and Officer Dan Kroncke. ###

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