HHFD Search & Rescue Drill

On the evening of August 22, 2007, the Hasbrouck Heights Fire Department conducted training at a Kipp Avenue house scheduled for demolition. The exercise was led by First Assistant Chief Mike Ratowski, Rescue Lt. Chris Halloran and Ladder Company Capt. Brian Morrow.

The drill started with orientation and a review of safety procedures and on-scene protocol. Participants were divided into two groups; each having the opportunity to participate in each scenario.

Lt. Halloran supervised second floor search and rescue training in a simulated smoke filled environment, utilizing three volunteers as victims. Victims were hidden inside rooms near makeshift furniture. Doors were closed and obstacles strewn about to simulate potential hazards. The search for victims was done with firefighters in full turnout gear using their air tanks; and included practicing teamwork search procedures and use of thermal imaging cameras. Once the victim was located, rescuers had to remove them to the front door.

Capt. Morrow supervised several roof venting techniques. This included assessing the structure and incident, ladder training and safety, venting a sloped roof and venting a flat roof. Tools used included a circular saw, chain saw and axe. Firefighters wore full turnout gear.

Also participating in the drill were members of the Moonachie Fire Department and Carlstadt EMS. ###

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