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Bill O'Shea's Open House
Kicks Off 1999 Holiday Season

Photos by: Fritz Rethage

Bill O'Shea's Florist established in 1969,
is celebrating their 30th Anniversary.

[Link to Photo Gallery 2]
[Link to Bill O'Shea's Florist]

21.JPG (54793 bytes)
Line forming for photo with Santa

1.JPG (52494 bytes)

20.JPG (38606 bytes)
Bob Major and Katie setting up photo

2.JPG (58509 bytes)
Lot's of picture taking.

5.JPG (41180 bytes)
Lot's of on-air interviews for Juke Box Radio

12.JPG (51174 bytes)

8.JPG (29903 bytes)

13.JPG (51627 bytes)

24.JPG (37078 bytes)
Live music

22.JPG (42829 bytes)
Harvey Jaffee from Designer Dispatch Ribbon and Floral Accessories giving
bow tying demonstrations

19.JPG (34521 bytes)

14.JPG (51537 bytes)

[Link to Photo Gallery 2]
[Link to Bill O'Shea's Florist]

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