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Mary Viducich

by Pete Viducich

Mary Viducich will be 102 years old on February 23, 2000. A lady of beauty, she has lived through three centuries.  Born 1898, lived into 1900 and now into 2000, she has had the title of wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and great- great-grandmother.

She was born in Croatia in 1898, came to America in 1931, lived in Hoboken, Hasbrouck Heights, Carlstadt and in now residing in the Bristol Manor Nursing Home in Rochelle Park, NJ.

She has three children, eight grand children, seven great-grand children and one great-great grand child -- all living within a short radius from her.

Except for failing eyesight, Mary is in great health.

Her greatest asset is that she never once in her lifetime complained about a headache or any other kind of an ache.  Her advice for a long live is to never eat anything past 6 p.m., get a minimum of eight hours of sleep and "just do the best you can".


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Photo's from Mary's 100th Birthday Party
Photos by Bob Major

PETE1.JPG (39346 bytes)
Mary's family with Viducich blood

PETE2.JPG (43600 bytes)
Five Generations --
Mary-102, Sophie-79, Joan-55, Michelle-35 and Claudia-5

PETE4.JPG (43648 bytes)
Mary and her three children: Sophie, Peter and John

PETE3.JPG (42963 bytes)
Pete Viducich  with his family

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