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Hasbrouck Heights Air Disaster
December 9, 1999

A small plane crashed between two houses Thursday night killing all four people aboard, injuring three people on the ground  and setting a garage on fire, authorities said.

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Photo by Richard Wolfson/Special To The Record

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Photo by Fritz Rethage

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Photo by The Record

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Aerial Views Of Location
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About The Aircraft
[Link to Raytheon Beech Baron 58]


Plane Misses House
Crashes in Driveway

Hasbrouck Heights -- In June 1966, a  2 engine, 4 seater Aztec Piper going to Teterboro Airport –   struck a tree and crashed into driveway of Police Commissioner William Cavalier at 521 Burton Avenue near Route 46. 

Pilot was urged to get out by first person to reach plane. Pilot had injuries to include a skull fracture and was taken to Hackensack Hospital by ambulance.

Pilot said one engine was out, and the FAA Tower said one tire was down before the accident.

He was carrying film for Eastman Kodak, Fairlawn, NJ.


Previous small plane crashes in New Jersey since 1999

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