Career photos from the Retirement Dinner Program that was
presented at the VFW Post 4591 on Saturday, September 25, 1993

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Howard ‘Buddy’ Baker
Dedicated to service from January 3, 1951 to October 1, 1993

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1930 -- "Someday I'm going to be Police Chief"
Buddy at age 1

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1937 -- "And someday I'm going to be Fire Chief, too!!"
Buddy at age 8

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1949 -- A proud Buddy showing off his National Guard uniform
and his first car -- a 1929 4 door Model "A" Ford

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On December 6, 1953, Buddy marries Bernice O"Brien

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1956 -- Another 1st place trophy for the pistol team of Harry Carty, Buddy Baker, Edward McCormick and William Reisen

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1962 -- Patrolman Howard Baker operating Hasbrouck Heights
first radar gun

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1965 -- Sgt. Howard Baker with Chief "Hap" Carty
and Hasbrouck Heights' first sign machine

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March 8, 1976 -- Hasbrouck Heights is first town in Bergen County with 911.  Buddy, Mayor Bill Imken, Rico Pagliei and Gus Odeane

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September 23, 1975 -- Buddy was sworn in as Police Chief by Mayor William H. Imken and Police commissioner Rico Pagliei.

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June 1, 1973 -- Buddy was sworn in as 2nd Assistant Fire Chief along with Chief Jack Ball and 1st Assistant Chief Robert Guarnella

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Buddy and Bernice are the parents of eight children and the proud grandparents of eight grandchildren.

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1992 -- Chief Baker walks in his last Memorial Day parade.  Proud onlookers are grandchildren Taryn, Kim, Ryan, Taylor and Amanda.


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