Howard R. "Buddy" Baker Jr.
December 8, 1929 -- March 23, 2004

Funeral Procession of Chief Baker

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Men and women of the Hasbrouck Heights Police and Fire Departments,
as well as area police, paying their last respects ...

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... and serving as honor guard.

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HHFD Engine #2 served as flower car.

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Arriving at The First Reformed Church of Hasbrouck Heights
for the funeral service.

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During the service there was an acknowledgement of Howard's life work by Mayor Ronald R. Jones, Byron deRussey and John Kroncke.
Reflections and remembrances were provided by Police Chief Michael J. Colaneri, Roger Szanto, John Colaneri and Howard Baker III.

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Buddy's cap resting on his favorite chair in front of his home
as the procession passed.

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The Fire Department paying respects as the procession passed.

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A fireman's tribute with the placement of "turn-out gear"
at the empty parking space of Engine #2.

Worship leaders: Rev. Roland Ratmeyer, interim pastor
Ms. Dorthy Henry, organist
Funeral Directors: Costa Memorial Home
Committal Service: George Washington Memorial Park, Paramus

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