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Posted May 25, 2003 -- Photos by Fritz Rethage

Heights Bike Marathon 2003

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2003 mpeg's of:  [At bend/scoreboard] [At pit-stop] (500k)
2002 mpeg of:  [
Championship lap] (500k)

Annual 24-hour Bicycle Marathon for Hasbrouck Heights sixth through ninth graders was held at Depken Athletic Field May 24-25.  Here are a few photos of nighttime, May 24, 2003

Staunch supporters cheering on their favorites -- despite the rain.
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Whizzing past tent city
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Riders getting ready for their turn and to cheer on their team
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Because of the rain there were a few puddles around
-- but the organizers made sure the track was clear and safe.
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About every four hours, the race was halted to check the counters
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Scores about half way through the marathon

HHFD on the scene to provide first aid -- no injuries were reported
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Photos below were shot with infrared camera

At the riders transfer station
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Tent city
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Inside tent city riders getting together
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Parents camping out in the bleachers with lots of comforts

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Watching the race


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