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Posted October 21, 2003

New Municipal Complex
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

October 18, 2003

[Municipal Complex Ribbon Cutting]
[Senior Citizen Center Ribbon Cutting and Building Dedication Prayers]
[Mayor's Corner]

Remarks by Mayor William J. Torre
Municipal Complex and Senior Citizen Center

New Municipal Complex
On behalf of the council, I am proud and honored to welcome you to the dedication of the new Hasbrouck Heights Municipal Complex, the center of our community

Members of the clergy, Honorable Senator Coniglio, Assemblywoman Rose Heck, Freeholders Huttle, Carrol, County Clerk Donovan, Superintendant Loungo, Ms. Caroll, residents, friends and to our boro employees who have endured many hardships a special welcome home to you.

Almost four years ago, when a tragic fire destroyed our beloved Municipal Building we were deeply saddened by the loss of a place that was a big part our community life. However due to the strength of our people, fire, police and essential government offices were open within a few days in quite crude conditions, there was never a complaint, just the spirit of our borough servants moving forward and doing the best they could for the residents of Hasbrouck Heights. As I said at the time, our people are a tough breed and have endured many temporary settings until this historic day when we formally dedicate our new home.

The last for years were the most difficult years in our Boro’s history. They were only made better by the use of Euclid Lodge for our public meetings and court. I again thank the wonderful masonic organization for making their home our home over the last 4 years. They are a generous and caring organization that by example, makes our community a great place to live. Thank you again, Euclid Lodge.

Our work began immediately to get government up and running and to plan the future course of the great boro of Hasbrouck Heights.

We spent years settling the claim against a reluctant insurance Company - planning our future needs, and evaluating if a structure meeting our needs could fit at the old site. Public meetings followed, plans were made, revisions were made, land purchased & cleared (w/o condemnation), and construction began about 20 months ago.

This day is a historic and fulfilling day for our town. It represents both the end of a long journey of what people can do to triumph over tragedy and the beginning of a new renenasance for Hasbrouck Heights.

It further represents much hard work and persistence This Building is collaboration of many people starting with the council, our architects Arcari and Iovino, engineer, Ken job, boro attorney Ralph Chandless managers Berigan Construction, the financial help of the State of N.J. through Assembywoman Rose Heck, the County of Bergen South West Community Development and of course the input of our residents.

Much work and help was given by the Hasbrouck Heights Fire Department, Police Department, Rose Sees and boro employees, Bob Heck & DPW.

I must also acknowledge the hard work of the building committee Pepe & Dipisa for a job well done.

One person I need to single out is our boro administrator, Mike Kronyak- he has been there every step of the way 1000s of hours and was the glue that held everything together. Mike you deserve a huge thank you for your herculean efforts THANK YOU!

All that hard work and persistence has paid off, and today we celebrate a new beginning for Hasbrouck Heights. This building will bring the library to the heart of the community, a center for our senior citizens to meet and spend the day as they chose, and a place for all of us to bring lifes everyday problems to your local government. One stop shopping at its best.

The end result as you see is a complex that is user friendly, is in the exact center of town and on our Boulevard to bring government to our residents.

The 28,000 square foot building is colonial in design yet incorporates technology of the 21st century. It is also efficient as it incorporates 3 uses Library, Boro Government and Senior Center plus a Community Room in the basement. It is also designed as an emergency shelter and will accommodate future expansion.

There were critics who said the building is too big, or it doesn’t have enough parking or should have remained where it was. To these people I say the council worked hard and planned ahead with our design professionals and input from hundreds of residents to accommodate present and future needs. Uses were consolidated in one place to maximize efficient use of dollars. Ladies and gentlemen, the result is a resounding success for Hasbrouck Heights that we can all be proud of for many generations ahead.

One thing history in Hasbrouck Heights has taught us is that what makes us great is not buildings but the people that work in them and use them.

This building is therefore about people and it will be used as a vehicle to make government better, more responsive and efficient for the residents we serve.

In closing, I would like to offer these final thoughts on what this day represents to all of us.

May this Municipal Complex be a symbol of the dedication and resilience of the people of Hasbrouck Heights and further, may it signifiy a community that has come together to create a place were people gather to seek answers, to solve problems, a place of enjoyment for all to use for many generations to come.

May God bless this complex and may God bless Hasbrouck Heights


Senior Citizen Center Dedication

I am so proud to stand here today to dedicate the new Senior Citizen Center, the first one in the history of the Boro of Hasbrouck. Heights.

Our senior citizens gave much, but were rewarded very little.

8 years ago when I was elected Mayor, I promised we would have a Senior Citizens Center, and today, I am gratified that I could make good that promise and the center is now a reality.

I presented the idea many times to the Leisure Club, and although many did not think the Senior Citizen Center would be built, but today we stand here proudly dedicating its opening. Unfortunately, there were many people who longed to see this Senior Citizen Center but are not here with us today, but will be in our hearts forever.

May this place be a place of activity, fun, education and culture for our Senior Citizens of the Boro of Hasbrouck Heights to enjoy for many generations to come.

God Bless this Senior Citizen Center and all who enter these doors.

[Municipal Complex Ribbon Cutting]
[Senior Citizen Center Ribbon Cutting and Building Dedication Prayers]


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Color copies are available at Minuteman Press (Boulevard & Franklin).

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