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Photos by Fritz Rethage    Posted May 12, 2005

Daisy Troop 1180 Tours Boro Hall

On Tuesday, April 19, Daisy Troop 1180 toured the new Municipal Complex located at 320 Boulevard. The tour of the first floor and basement was conducted by Michael J. Kronyak, Borough Administrator, and the third floor Hasbrouck Heights Free Public Library tour was conducted by Children’s Librarian Rosalie Nickles.

The tour began in front of the Borough Clerk’s and Administrator’s Offices where Mike welcomed the Daisies. He then led them to the Tax Collector’s Offices where he showed them where the tax records are kept. Mr. Kronyak then pulled the record of one of the Daisies homes and explained what information the Borough collects on each piece of real estate located in the Borough. He then showed them the Tax Assessor’s Office and then took the children into the Mayor’s Office where he allowed them to sit in the Mayor’s Chair.

Mr. Kronyak showed them the employee kitchen area, where they promptly looked to see what was in the refrigerator. He then led them to the Senior Center which was being used and to the Building and Health Department’s Offices.

Mike concluded the tour of the first floor at the Mayor and Council Chambers. Here he explained how municipal government works. He let them go up and sit in the Mayor and Council chairs — then explained what the Mayor and Council does during their public meetings.

Mr. Kronyak then took the Daisies down into the basement where he showed them the youth center, community room and the building utilities.

The Daisies were led up the stairs back to the first floor. Mike called their attention to the camera located at the base of the Library stairs and suggested that they look at the monitor when they go upstairs.

At the main desk of the Library, the children viewed the monitor. Children’s librarian Rosalie Nickles, gave a tour of the Library and concluded with a story-telling session. To see more photos in color go to: ###


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First Floor

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The tour began in front of the Borough Clerk's and Administrator's Offices.

bhtour_05.jpg (69429 bytes)
Visiting the Tax Collector's Office

bhtour_10.jpg (70217 bytes)
Borough Administrator Mike Kronyak opens the tax files, pulls the record of a Daisy's home and explains the record.

bhtour_14.jpg (64169 bytes)

bhtour_16.jpg (66331 bytes)

bhtour_18.jpg (49372 bytes)
Looking into the Tax Assessor's Office.

bhtour_19.jpg (58235 bytes)
Sitting behind the Mayor's desk

bhtour_21.jpg (72031 bytes)
Inside the employee kitchen and checking out what's in the refrigerator.

bhtour_23.jpg (35098 bytes)

bhtour_24.jpg (76925 bytes)
Entrance to the Senior Center

bhtour_26.jpg (54060 bytes)
First floor main hallway (looking north)

bhtour_55.jpg (34226 bytes)
In front of the Building and Health Department Offices

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