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Posted June 4, 2006  ·   Photos by Fritz Rethage

Memorial Day Parade 2006
Veterans [Honor Roll]

This year’s Parade was the 87th year that the American Legion Post 106 will have commemorated Memorial Day at the Veterans’ Memorial in Hasbrouck Heights.

The parade was led by the Hasbrouck Heights Fire Department Honor Guard. Marchers included the Mayor and Council, Veterans from the VFW Post 4591 and American Legion James B. Scarr Post 106, Knights of Columbus, B.P.O Elks 1962,  Hasbrouck Heights High School Band, several scouting groups and the Hasbrouck Heights Fire Department.

This year the Grand Marshal of the parade was Mr. Robert (Bob) Riker of Post 106.

Light refreshments were served by the event co-sponsors at the James B. Scarr Post 106 American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4591. ###

This annual event is co-sponsored by the James B. Scarr Post 106 American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4591. ###

Historical Note:
In a letter written about 1930 inviting Mayor Oldfield to be part of the Memorial Day Parade, the parade route was described thusly.

The Parade will start at 9:15 a.m. from Jefferson and the Boulevard and proceed south to Henry Street, then East to Terrace Avenue and the Monument.

After the ceremonies there are completed, the parade will continue south on Terrace into Wood-Ridge to their monument where another ceremony will be held.

In the Twenties, Thirties, and Forties the two towns apparently celebrated Memorial Day jointly. The line of march also included a large number of various groups including German Veterans. ###

About the Grand Marshal:
This year the Grand Marshal of the parade was Mr. Robert (Bob) Riker of Post 106.

Bob enlisted in the Army in October of 1942 and, after basic and advanced training, was assigned to the 36th Signal Heavy Construction Battalion.

Their job was to closely follow the advancing Infantry and Armor and to construct and install the vital communication systems needed by our advancing troops.

The 36th landed in Normandy on D-Day plus 12 near to Ste. Mere Eglise, scene of heavy fighting at the start of the invasion, and followed the Infantry to St. Lo where they helped, after a fierce battle with the Germans, to free that city.

After that battle the 36th was attached to General George Patton’s 3rd Army and continued to advance to Paris to assist in its liberation.

Then the 36th went, as a part of the 3rd Army, through northern France into Belgium and became involved in the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes Forest area.

After this battle the unit was assigned to the 15th Army and they then continued on into central Germany where they helped in freeing many American POWs held by the Germans.

As a result of these actions, Bob was awarded the European African Central European Campaign Medal with five bronze stars and the WWII Victory Medal as well as the Good Conduct Medal.

He returned to the United States and was discharged in December of 1945 when he, and a couple of million other veterans, gladly received their "Ruptured Duck" emblem from the government upon his discharge.

Bob happily resumed civilian life with his wife, the former Alice DeFeo, whom he had married in December of 1942.

They raised a family and have been happily married for almost sixty-five years. Bob has also been an usher and pillar of the First Reformed Church for many years.

Over time Bob has received a number of citations and medals for his service in WW II.

In 1990, the State of New York awarded him a Certificate of Recognition along with a medal for his service.

In 2001, a grateful French Government gave him, and many other veterans of Normandy, a Certificate of Thanks and a medal for their help in liberating France.

In 2003, in a ceremony at the Teaneck Armory, Bob and other WW II veterans were presented with the New Jersey Meritorious Medal for their wartime service.

On Memorial Day 2005, the State of New Jersey and Bergen County, in a special ceremony held at Bergen County Community College in Paramus, honored Bob and other Normandy Veterans for their wartime service with the New Jersey Liberty Medal.

This year we too are honoring him for his many years of service to God and Country. ###


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