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1999 event photos [1][2][3]


1999 Fireworks Picture Gallery 2
Photos by:
Bob Major Photography - 201-288-0879

Link to first Picture Gallery.

FW8.JPG (30563 bytes)
One section of fireworks being prepared for display.

FW9.JPG (26230 bytes)
Sections of fireworks in Little League right field ready to go!

FW16.JPG (18401 bytes)
Sections of fireworks in the other Little League in-field ready to go!

FW1.JPG (29748 bytes)
Singer Keaton Douglas of the Somers Dream Orchestra warming up the crowd.

FW18.JPG (29342 bytes)
The program began with the colors marching on the field while all the service songs were being played.

FW3.JPG (25622 bytes)
VFW Color Guard, Assemblywoman Rose Marie Heck, Girl Scouts, Mayor William Torre and Father Raymond Holmes during the National Anthem.  The Girl Scouts followed by leading the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.

FW10.JPG (37328 bytes)
Father Raymond Holmes of Corpus Christi Church provided the invocation.

FW14.JPG (20237 bytes)
Mayor William Torre welcome audience to Hasbrouck Heights.

FW2.JPG (32362 bytes)
Assemblywoman Rose Marie Heck presented VFW Post 4591 with an Assembly Resolution and State Flag honoring their 100 Anniversary.

Movies included in this story --
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2003 Movies
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2003 Editors choice: [fw767-500k]

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