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Photo's by Fritz Rethage

The Circle
Of the 67 original traffic circles built in New Jersey since 1925, only a few remain. [Story]

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First day of Spring March 20, 2004

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December 5-6, 2003 Snow Storms

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White Christmas 2002 with the view of The Circle facing south.
[Click] to see a movie of the DPW snow plow going around the Circle. [500k mpg]

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Lighting the Christmas Tree at the Circle
Annual tree lighting ceremony at the Circle, 5 p.m., the first Sunday in December
and is sponsored by Mayor's Community Celebrations Committee
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WTC Remembered

The Gazebo prior to the Memorial Service and dedication on September 11, 2002
The pavers used in the Gazebo's walk, were from Old Boro Hall @248 Hamilton Avenue.
Rememberance Index

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Memorial Day Service at Fireman's Momument
[Honor Roll]
2005 Firemans Service      2004 Firemans Service
2002 Firemans Service
    2001 Service    2000 Service

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The HHPD runs for the Special Olympics
[2002 Photos][2001 photos][2000 photos]

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DPW Planting new Christmas Tree April 26, 2001

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The day after the Holiday Snow Storm on December 30, 2000 [More]

From the 21st Century Series
Photo essay reflecting our first year of the Century. [Index]

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Passaic Avenue entrance at Bill O'Shea's Florist

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Late April 2000.

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Late April 2000.


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Circa 1981 just before Bill O'Shea's Florist moved to The Circle.  This was the original Christmas Tree before a contractor inadvertently knocked it down (see replacement tree being planted above). Note all the glorious flowers embellishing The Circle. Photo courtesy of Bill O'Shea's Florist.


The Record, July 8, 2001

Traffic Circles headed
for extinction in NJ
by Brendan Schurr (AP)

Marlton-- It seemed like a good idea at the time.

The traffic circle, which made its New Jersey Debut in Pennsauken in 1925, was an ingenious way to let cars converge from two or more roads and keep on moving.

But now, with the astronomical increase in traffic volume since the 1920s and 1930s, when most of New Jersey's 67 traffic circles were built, they've outlived their usefulness.

"They worked well for Model "T's, but not for what we have today -- higher speeds and a lot more traffic volume," said John Dourgarian, spokesman for the state Department of Transportation.

The Transportation Department has eliminated 31 of the state's traffic circles over the past 25 years, and plans to remove another dozen the in next 10 to 20 years, Dourgarian said.

Often a circle's historically established traffic flow dictates who has the right of way.   That means drivers in a circle must yield to entering traffic if the entering traffic represents the main flow, and vice versa.

But too often it doesn't work out that way.  Before it was removed in 1998, there were an average of 100 accidents per year at the Ledgewood circle at Routes 10 and 46 in Roxbury Township, Morris County.  Since the state cut a road through it, the average number of accidents has dropped to about 10 per year, Dourgarian said.

Over the next five years, the state plans to eliminate the Flemington circle on Route 31, the Charlotte circle on Routes 1 and 8 in Jersey City, the Somers Point circle on Route 52, The Collingswood circle on Route 130, the Berlin circle on Route 30, and the Marlton circle at Routes 70 and 73.

Some circles, especially in the southern New Jersey Pine Barrens will remain because traffic volume doesn't warrant their removal, Dourgarian said.


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