WTC Tragedy Remembered:
September 11, 2002

9-11 Memorial Service
Photos by Fritz Rethage

A solemn 9-11 Memorial Ceremony was held Wednesday, September 11, 2002 at the Fireman's Memorial (Boulevard/Circle)   The program was presented by The Clergy of Hasbrouck Heights and Mayor William J. Torre. Local veterans & scouts provided the Honor Guard.

Prior to the service, a Candlelight Procession began 7:00 p.m. at Corpus Christi Church,   then proceeded along Kipp to walk south on Burton,  where they were joined with groups from First Reformed Church, St. John The Divine Episcopal Church, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, First United Methodist and Euclid School. The full procession then marched down Passaic to the Circle.

The HHFD participated in the procession and service with the full compliment of vehicles and Department members in full dress uniform.

Following the Candle Light Walk to the Circle, Mayor William Torre led a 20 minute service which began with the Pledge of Allegiance and the community singing the National Anthem.

The Invocation  was led by Rev. Joseph Pickard (Fire Department Chaplain), and included Chief of Police Michael J. Colaneri and Fireman Tom Rubino. 

There was a dedication of Gazebo and presentation of the Memorial Plaque.

Members of the Robert C. Miller family were recognized by the mayor, who said that a tree would be planted at the New Municipal complex in Mr. Miller's memory.

Paul Carris and his heroic efforts in rescuing Ms. Judith Toppin from the 71 floor of One World Trade Center, were recognized.  [Angles Walk Among Us]

Speakers included Assemblywoman Rose Marie Heck, Bergen County Freeholder Louis A. Tedesco, Jr., Council members Garrett R. Pepe,  John Wassberg and Marlene Verrastro.

Dr. Katherine Ellison provided the Benediction.

At selected moments during the service, Mr. Doug Duca (Corpus Christi organist) led the assembly in singing -- America (My country 'tis of Thee), The Battle Hymn of the Republic, America The Beautiful and God Bless America.  Michael Higgins played the Bag Pipes during the Procession and Service.

Prior to the procession,  food donations to replenish the local food pantries, were collected at each Congregation site.


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